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Chris and Jarrod continue their discussion with The Greenville News Investigative Reporter Nathaniel Cary and lawyer Jake Erwin around civil asset forfeiture. They dive into who this practice disproportionately affects, potential state house legislation, and what's next for the practice recently restricted by the Supreme Court. 

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Chris and Jarrod sat down with Greenville News Reporter Nathaniel Cary and local lawyer (and Podmetto producer) Jake Erwin to discuss the Greenville News' series 'Taken' which discusses civil asset forfeiture. The series included the first-ever statewide research of civil forfeiture anywhere in the nation. Take a listen to learn about civil asset forfeiture and how it's funding (in a super sketchy way) police and sheriff departments across the state. 

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Chris and Jarrod are back for S2E4 with SC House candidate Garrett McDaniel! They also chat Drag Queen's 'indoctrinating' our kids (or so the local conservatives would like you to think) during story hour at an Upstate library and then tease the Greenville News series 'Taken'. Listen up!

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“Crazy idea…what if there was a way for us to get better leaders in the State House that could actually fix these issues?”