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Chris Fedalei, Jarrod Wiggins, Courtney Thomas, Lindsey Jacobs, and Jake Erwin continue their analysis of the South Carolina Democratic Party's State Convention. They touch base with 2020 Presidential candidate, state leaders, and community activists from across the state while chatting their perceptions of the weekend.

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With Chris away in Colorado for a family wedding, Jarrod recruited Podmetto Producer Jake Erwin, Community Leader Lindsey Jacobs, and Women's Rights Advocate Courtney Thomas to help cover the South Carolina Democratic Party State Convention.

The convention featured over 20 Democratic Presidential Candidates and leaders from across the state.

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Chris and Jarrod sit down with Greenville City Council candidate Lindsey Jacobs to discuss her campaign to become the next at-large councilperson in the fastest growing city in America outside of Texas. 

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“Crazy idea…what if there was a way for us to get better leaders in the State House that could actually fix these issues?”